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Don’t take our word for it–read it from our authors in their own words! We’re all about preserving a writer’s original voice.

Mark Marderosian

Working with Sherpa Editing continues to be such a positive experience. The content critiques are incisive and clear. Constructive comments point me in specific directions and have been a great help with the polishing of my two manuscripts. This road map they provide of weaker areas that need improving is invaluable. Sherpa Editing is a permanent companion on my writing journey now.”

T. S. Mart

“I’m extremely pleased with Sarah Gorman’s patient and constructive editing services. I always feel safe placing my babies in her hands. Her careful attention to detail on two of our book proposals helped in securing book deals. I will definitely use Sherpa Editing in the future.”

Trent D. Schrock

“Alyssa is exactly the type of editor I like. She is passionate about great writing, gives very thoughtful critiques, and acts as a coach in every aspect of the editing process. She is highly technical in her grammatical review, identifies the weaknesses in the manuscript in a way that reveals her deep level of engagement with the story, and offers great suggestions for improvements in the story arc. She also has great suggestions about everything from character development to which publishing houses or agents might be interested in my story. I am grateful for her thorough coaching as I seek to become a better writer.”

Kay Em Ellis

“I used Sherpa for my YA manuscript, and I can tell you…they genuinely care about their clients. My editor, Sarah, went above and beyond in the editing process. Not only did she do line editing and critiquing, she also explained the “whys” behind some of the things she suggested so that I could improve my skills as a writer. When I had questions about why she edited something a certain way, she took the time to answer my question and to provide me with resources. She has the heart of a teacher — patient and kind, always willing to explain — and I was thankful for that!

I was so pleased with Sherpa’s services that I decided to use them for my book proposal and for critiquing/editing several pitches I’d been planning to use for a Twitter pitch party. WOW! I got 3 likes on those pitches, all from reputable publishers, and the pitch that Sarah suggested above all the others is the one that got the most likes and shares! With all the information out there about how to draft eye-catching pitches for pitch parties (some of which is conflicting), I was thankful to deal with a real, live expert who understands the process. Sarah did a fantastic job giving me feedback on my proposal, and I feel a lot more confident submitting to the publishers who’ve now requested my work.

Sherpa has the best prices I’ve seen so far. I’m grateful I found them when I did, and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a critique, editing, or feedback on their fiction writing or writing-related projects.”

Gabriel Connor Salter

“I contacted Sherpa Editing to get development edits for my manuscript and was very impressed with the results. They gave me detailed feedback that showed me how to take my story to the next level, giving advice based both on their editing knowledge and their own experiences with book publishing. They also provided their edits in a timely manner and used a very efficient payment system.”



Ronnie Smith

“I am happy to say that I received excellent line editing and excellent developmental editing from Sherpa Editing Services! This was a most positive experience because I was stuck on how to get to the next level of my story, and to whom to take my manuscript. Sherpa Editing will be my “Go-to” editing service–the standard! All the comments and critique were not only helpful but edifying for me on what the industry expects! This is invaluable!”